Planet X Anniversary W/ Justin Jay, Sage Armstrong, Huxley, Wyatt Marshall B2B, Jako, January Black + More!

By UBL Events (other events)

Sat, Mar 19 2022 3:30 PM PST Sun, Mar 20 2022 12:00 AM PST

Join us for our Planet X Anniversary as UBL brings music and art together for an immersive journey you will never forget! With an all star line up consisting of: Justin Jay, Sage Armstrong, Huxley, Wyatt Marshall B2B Rybo, Jako, and January Black they'll make sure to have you grooving all night long! This wouldn’t be a UBL Planet X party without us pushing the envelope, so we decided to showcase the future faces of the House music scene at the Timeless Garden with: Miguel Gallerdo, Diskreet, Awsumo, Carlo Key, Seek-One, Andress Pressure, Jacz and Cody Cordova!

But the UBL experience doesn’t end there as you enter Planet X join us for an immersive NFT world like you’ve never engaged before! Starring in the Dark Universe dome: Kane Mayfield- "Handprints", an NFT Art Exhibition benefiting the Fight Against Child Trafficking, as well a showcase of NFT artists and projects on both the NEAR Protocol blockchain and OpenSea on Ethereum. There is something for everyone and all within the UBL experience.

From the stages and sound to the pyrotechnics and performers join us as we bring a new planet to life! This will be a fully immersive musical adventure in a mind-blowing 90ft dome with 360 degree visuals, surround sound, projections, and an unforgeteable journey of NFT galleries. We’ve curated some of the world’s best NFT artists from around the world! 

Limited early bird tickets will be available for $25!

Featured Experieces : Immersive Exhibits- NFT Galleries-NFT Workshops-Live Art - Vendors- Selected Gourmet Food Vendors- Games - Prizes - 360 VR Projections- Peformers- Acrobatics- Massage Stations 

Featured NFT Collections: 

@KaneMayfield - “Handprints”

@JayRnessPhoto - "Ethereal Place" 

@5thtimeacharm - "Starry Night"


@SecretSkellies - "Secret Skellies Society"

@Manu_Stegui13 -"Beisiks/Driods"

@PixelmechNFT - "Pixelmech Warriors""

@XETO_XETO - “Xeto/Opensea Collection" Xeto/Opensea Collection”

@HumbleHoodCrew - "Humbled Hoodie Crew"

@BOOMonstersNEAR - "BOO Monsters"

@DreaminRobot - " Do The Robot Dreaming?"

@genjiNFT - "Genji"

@MrbrownNFT - "Mr.Brown"

@nearpandasquad - "Near Panda Squad"

@Elliott_Grogan - "Looking Up in DTLA"